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Use our technology to connect workers to nearby opportunities in an agile and assertive way, thus replacing time in traffic with more productivity and quality of life.

About us

Traffic jams, subways, packed buses, wasted time, and tardiness:

Your day is just starting, and you still have a long journey ahead. At the end of the day, there are more traffic jams, subways, packed buses, and wasted time! Many workers take long-distance trips every day to work. This is the reality of many people who live in big cities, and it is a reality that not only affects the worker but those around them. This reality causes excessive traffic, negative environmental impacts, and decreased quality of life in urban and suburban environments. The issues of urban, work-based transportation kept popping up, and the search for a solution began!

The issues of urban, work-based transportation kept popping up, and the search for a solution began!That’s why we created Linkle, an app made to help people find jobs as close as possible to them through geolocation and AI technologies. Our promise is to turn technology into an ally in the solution of complex transportation problems. We create free technology that provides access to job positions near home with the intention of reducing job-related travel times and their negative side effects. Providing users with free access to nearby jobs reduces cost and increases productivity through more free time, energy, and money.

On a more practical note, many people currently have difficulties finding their place in the new 2020 market. Two main reasons for this are difficulty traveling and difficulty using a computer to create a strong resume or CV. Our platform was created with intuitive resume creation in mind, ensuring an easy and streamlined access to jobs for job seekers.

Linkle also benefits recruiters and companies through its streamlined recruitment system.

Our AI cross-references data, discerning the level at which a candidate meets the demands and requirements of a specific job position.

A beneficial solution must benefit everyone. Through a robust and new technology, we can facilitate the synchronicity of demand and solutions. This new ease and efficacy of recruitment will better everyone’s quality of life. This is our promise. This is what motivates us.

Our Proposal

We will use our technology to connect job seekers with nearby opportunities in a streamlined fashion. Our technology leads to less time in transit, more productivity, and better quality of life for all involved.

How it all began...

The chaotic traffic in Sao Paulo and its long-term effects on workers motivated Rosane Prado, CEO and founder of Linkle, to create the app. Having to commute daily from south Sao Paulo to Alphaville, crossing around 30 kilometers and taking two hours per day in congested freeways, the executive developed chronic pain and began to feel the strain of not having time for family or health. When she needed to hire a new team member, she realized that many who relied on public transportation spent hours a day in transit, losing precious hours of life.

Tired of living in this situation and seeing people suffering with the same problems, she began developing a solution. Studying the topic, she began to understand that the problem was much larger than she had initially thought:

When you look and see that a majority of urban congestion worldwide is caused by people going to and from work, finding a solution is of utmost importance”, says Prado.

Linkle was born with the global scope of work-related transit problems in mind, allowing people to find nearby or remote jobs through the app. This was how Prado was able to offer a solution: “If one person is able to save one bus fare or shave off one hour of commute, he or she automatically has an advantage in professional development or job transition. This is how we can help increase quality of life”, Prado points out.

In this proposal, the app does not charge users. We believe in the importance of giving everyone a chance in developing professionally. In the future, Linkle will also offer career planning and training.

With its streamlined recruitment, companies can count on Linkle as a strong ally that seeks to bring innovative and powerful technologies into play in the selection and recruitment processes. This avoids employee dissatisfaction, turnover, and absenteeism, all while increasing productivity and reducing costs!

Our values


We are completely invested in developing solutions for people and the world. All of ourbusiness decisions are made with transparency and honesty.

User focus

People are at the center of everything we do. Thinking about how to help people and increase their quality of life is what motivates us to develop and perfect our solutions.

Quality of life

Improving quality of life is our mission and this is what directs our actions, decisions, and ultimate solutions. We believe that time is wealth and wealth is much more than money. Commute times can be used in a variety of productive and profitable ways.

Benefiting the community

We believe that connecting people to nearby opportunities helps strengthen the local economy by keeping the flow of money local.

Protecting the Environment

Protecting the local environment leads to protecting the global environment. We believe that, by helping reduce work transit in large cities, we will bring nearby or remote work opportunities for all people, incentivizing a reduction in negative environmental impacts.

Global Management Team

Rosane Prado

Founder & CEO

Marcelo Ramos

Co-founder & CDO

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